This page is dedicated to a great friend,
Ursula Bowen, who passed away on
Tuesday 28th April 2015

Ursula Bowen was a patron of the Willow Globe, attending every production while she lived in Nant Glas, and also a keen supporter of the organic farm which is home to Shakespeare Link and the Willow Globe.

From 2001 we hosted farm walks together, (occasional mobility problems required us to fit the tractor box with a comfortable armchair), and as we moved around the holding we and our visitors would engage in debate on how to manage a small farm economically but environmentally, for it was the environment and its protection which was her passion.

One of our major projects was the creation of a traditional Hay Meadow in the 'Periwinkle field' below the house; a field that had been subjected to 20-10-10 fertilizer for many years.  The main problem with this was the high level of nitrogen and other chemicals in the soil meaning we had to do whatever we could to reduce the fertility in order for the small meadow flowers, herbs and grasses to flourish.

Since then, Ursula conducted thorough surveys of the flora in the field and we have records that demonstrate the success. If you would like to view these, click on the links at the bottom of this page.

In memory of Ursula Bowen (front row, furthest right)

In memory of Ursula Bowen (front row, furthest right)

Around the perimeter of the Willow Theatre we conducted a similar project, creating the Shakespeare Meadow, again reducing the fertility and then plug planting some four hundred seedlings that had been germinated by Volunteers. The photograph above shows the Llandrindod U3A being shown the Shakespeare Meadow by Ursula who is standing in the front row on the right.

We are so grateful for Ursula's enthusiasm and dedication to these projects and are proud that her legacy remains within the grounds of Penlanole.