Shakespeare Link's Library and Wardrobe store are both housed in the Stable across the yard from the Barn theatre where performances are held in the event of wet weather.

The collections, put together by Sue and Phil over the years, are a great resource for productions and workshops alike.  

We welcome group & individual visitors to make use of our library for reference, although due to logistics, we are unable to lend or hire items. However, by prior arrangement, guests can come and sit by the fire in the stable and read/research to their hearts content.

In addition to our array of books, we have audio/visual collections of Shakespeare in performance, prints and photographs of past productions, some correspondence from Shakespearean actors and a growing collection of programmes. Large print editions of many of Shakespeare's plays are also here, which we have sourced in order to help partially sighted workshop participants and visitors.  

The Library, part funded by the Millennium Trust and Laura Ashley Family, was originally catalogued on site by Penny Nicholson and a band of volunteers.

Striding forward into the future; the list has now been electronically catalogued by the indefatigable Anna Acorn Malzy. If there is a book or topic you are looking for please get in touch.

Any contributions to the library are always welcome!

Please CONTACT US if you have anything you would like to donate.


With thanks to all of the volunteers who have given their time & skills to the upkeep & organisation of the Library & Wardrobe store.

The Stable Library space is also available to Arts & Community organisations for meetings, rehearsals and workshop space at a rate of £250 per day - all proceeds go to Shakespeare Link Charity 1040576.  If you are interested in hiring this space, please contact our Administrator at